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Deadline for submission of the full application
within the first call for proposals was on 7 October!
We are open for further consultations on new Estonian-Latvian cooperation ideas!



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  • 43 project applications submitted for programme funding

    On 7 October the Estonia-Latvia programme received 43 cooperation project applications. For the first time all the applications were successfully submitted electronically, by using the electronic monitoring system of the programme. 

  • Estonia-Latvia programme celebrates cooperation

    Today we celebrate #ECday and its benefits working together across the Europe. Altogether over 70 events, 29 of which are on 21 September, are organized and taking place in these days. Estonia-Latvia programme celebrated cooperation on 17 September together with 211 participants, willing to do joint work, take part in challenging workshops and have a sporty ride with kick-bikes from the Estonia-Latvia border.

  • Pre-selection procedure of Estonian harbours has started

    On 3 August the Estonian Ministry of Finance sent out letters to Estonian harbours located on the coasts of the Gulf of Riga. These harbours could qualify for participation in a joint Estonian-Latvian harbours' development project.


  • Published programme publicity guidelines

    Publicity guidelines will help applicants and project partners in drafting their plans for publicity activities and in fulfilling programme funding reference requirements set for objects, events and publications. 

  • Programme launches eMS

    For developing full project applications the programme is launching its first electronic monitoring system or eMS that is adjusted to programme’s needs. Working with the project appli- cation in the eMS is supported by the Guidelines for filling in the project application form, elaborated by the Joint secretariat. 

News & events Events

  • Across the Estonian-Latvian border with a kick-bike

    Estonia-Latvia programme invites you to the joint work activities on the 17 September in Lilli Nature house (Estonia) and joint bread baking in Ķoņi mill (Latvia). You will also have a chance to kick-bike from the Estonian-Latvian border to Ķoņi mill. The events of the day are organized in the framework of the European Cooperation Day 2016 celebrations and are meant for all friends of the Estonian-Latvian cooperation, both young and adults!

  • Tihemetsa Volveti Manor by Heidi Tooming

    First call application form workshop

    We have reached the second stage of the first call for proposals. Now it is time to start developing full applications and to get aquinted with the programme rules and procedures in more detail. A workshop for those who plan to submit full application is organized in Tihemetsa, Estonia on 24 August, 2016. 

  • Information seminar in Tartu, 1 October

    Estonia - Latvia and Central Baltic programme are inviting you to the information seminar, that will be held in Tartu on 1 October, 2015.

  • Ape-Mõniste road opening

    Project „Reconstruction of Road Ape-Mõniste“ celebrated today, on 21 August, 2015, the official opening of a newly reconstructed road. The opening ceremony took place on the border between Estonia and Latvia, which this road crosses.


  • Final conference on maritime spatial planning

    On Tuesday, 19 May, 2015 the final conference of the project „Coastal and maritime spatial planning“ was held in Pärnu.

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