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First 28 Estonian-Latvian cooperation projects are selected for funding

For the priority 2 and priority 4 the deadline for submitting new ideas is 21 April 2017

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  • Vacancy for the programme consultant

    The programme is looking for the full time programme consultant fluent in both Estonian and English. The successful candidate will be employed from March 2017 for an unspecified term. The office of the Joint Secretariat is located in Tartu, Estonia.


  • The programme supports the first 28 Estonian-Latvian cooperation projects

    28 Estonian-Latvian cooperation projects are selected for funding by the Monitoring Committee of the programme in Tartu, Estonia on 10-11 January 2017. Total allocated sum is around 15 million euros. Sectors that will benefit from the financial support and Estonian-Latvian cooperation are tourism, entrepreneurship, protection of environment, labor commuting in Valka and Valga municipalities, and creating the common Valga-Valka urban centre.   

  • A year of successful Estonian-Latvian cooperation

    We witnessed a year 2016 as a year of a great willingness of Estonians and Latvians to cooperate. Lots of cooperation ideas were submitted to the programme, namely 123! Best ones are heading towards being approved as projects, but who will have the chance to work together in project, will be revealed in second half of January 2017.


  • Being a shadow of cbc colleagues

    Being a “shadow” means quite a passive and active observation task on the same time. As our programme has only one Information and consultation point in Riga, it was a great opportunity and a pleasure as well to follow the agenda of a somewhat bigger communication team of the Central Baltic Sea Region programme. 

  • Vacancy open for the programme consultant

    The programme is looking for the programme consultant with the Latvian language, who would temporarily replace the programme consultant on parental leave. Employment will be offered from January 2017 until summer 2018 in the Joint Secretariat in Tartu, in Estonia. 

News & events Events

  • Thematic seminar on awareness raising on waste sorting, energy efficiency and reuse

    It is expected that the specific objective on awareness raising (SO 2.2.1) will be the least committed within the 1st call for proposals in terms of funding and fulfilment of programme’s output and result indicators, therefore a targeted information seminar for potential applicants is planned to be held in Valka on 19 January 2017.

  • Joint seminar for partners of the small harbours project

    The aim of the seminar is to begin practical preparations of the joint harbours' project, which is a pre-defined project to support the creation of a network of small harbours on the western coast of Latvia and around the Gulf of Riga. Representatives from the pre-selected partners are invited to participate. 

  • Across the Estonian-Latvian border with a kick-bike

    Estonia-Latvia programme invites you to the joint work activities on the 17 September in Lilli Nature house (Estonia) and joint bread baking in Ķoņi mill (Latvia). You will also have a chance to kick-bike from the Estonian-Latvian border to Ķoņi mill. The events of the day are organized in the framework of the European Cooperation Day 2016 celebrations and are meant for all friends of the Estonian-Latvian cooperation, both young and adults!

  • Tihemetsa Volveti Manor by Heidi Tooming

    First call application form workshop

    We have reached the second stage of the first call for proposals. Now it is time to start developing full applications and to get aquinted with the programme rules and procedures in more detail. A workshop for those who plan to submit full application is organized in Tihemetsa, Estonia on 24 August, 2016. 

  • Information seminar in Tartu, 1 October

    Estonia - Latvia and Central Baltic programme are inviting you to the information seminar, that will be held in Tartu on 1 October, 2015.

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