Environmental awareness



We'd like the people to be more aware of energy saving, sorting waste and re-use. 

The programme plans to support projects that altogether have at least 450 persons at their events and carry out at least 6 campaigns that make people behave environmentally friendlier. Three campaigns were supported in the 1st call in the projects “Green Public Events” and SEC.

We have about 2 million euros for further campaigns, as during the first call around 0.6 million euros were allocated.

Example of expected activities:

Public campaigns, hands-on workshops, information tools that increase awareness of energy saving, sorting the waste and re-use.

The maximum grant size per project is 500 000 euros.

All types of organizations and enterprises can apply.

Programme will support up to 85% of the total budget of the project. State aid rules apply (the Annex 1 of the programme manual for the second call will provide more information).  

How to apply?

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On 19 January 2017 thematic seminar on environmental awareness took place in Valka, Latvia. You can learn from the presentations how to raise awareness on energy efficiency in municipality buildings and what are the programme requirements for the upcoming second call.

Presentation of the Joint Secretariat

Presentation of the project SAVE@WORK: 

  • Project SAVE@WORK_Energy efficiency (2.3 MB)

Presentations by national institutions and partners of implemented projects from the launching workshop in Pärnu, Estonia in 2015 are published here.  



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