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Consultations regarding new Estonian-Latvian cooperation ideas are open.   

Opening of the second call for proposals will be announced separately, but the deadline for submitting project ideas is 21 April 2017.

Priority 2 and priority 4 will be open during the second call for proposals. 

Within priority 2 the following specific objectives will be opened:

SO 2.1. Tourism development based on cultural and natural heritage

SO 2.2. Increasing environmental awareness

SO 2.2. Joint water managment initiatives.

Within priority 4
 the one and only specific objective will be open:

SO 4.1 Labour commuting

The programme manual for the second call will be published on the date when the second call will be opened.
For consultations please contact JS here.

Please use the following template for consultations: 

  • Project idea form for consultations 2nd call (108.5 KB)

Submission of project applications (please be aware that information below is related to the 1st call and for potential 2nd call applicants it has informative purpose)

All applicants who have submitted the project idea form in April 2016 and received feedback in July 2016 may submit a full application. However, if you were recommended not to submit a full application, you are unlikely to receive monitoring committee’s (MC) positive funding decision on your application.

The project application within the first call for proposals should be developed and submitted in the electronic monitoring system of the programme.

The application form is located on and please register in the system for accessing it.

To help you to understand how it works, we have prepared the Guidelines for filling in the project application.

To help you to draft your application in the eMS, we have prepared a copy of the application form in the MS Word format. You can use this tool to prepare your texts and copy them into the eMS application form.

Guidelines for filling in the application form (2.56 MB)

eMS drafting tool (93.38 KB)

For checking whether all main steps in the eMS have been completed and necessary attachements signed/uploaded, please use the checklist for completing application in the eMS.

Checklist for completing application in the eMS (80.97 KB)

Questions related to the content
of the application form can be asked to programme consultants of the Joint secretariat:

Questions related to the technical functioning of the eMS can be asked to eMS manager: Peep Purje by e-mail or phone (372) 737 7247

All applicants together with the application form must submit:
1) Lead partner’s confirmation of the application form
2) Partners co-financing statements
3) Declaration by Latvian partners

Lead partner's confirmation of the application form (55.72 KB)

Co-financing statement of the partner (270.5 KB)

Declaration by Latvian partners (50.48 KB)

Additional documents to be submitted together with the application form
 depending on chosen specific objective and specifics of the project:

1) Statements of de minimis aid by Latvian partners if relevant

Form for statements of de minimis aid  (24.12 KB)

2) For all SO 1.2. projects: additional document with information about the jointly developed product answering questions listed in annex 5 to the programme manual

3) Where the project activities include construction works or other works that fall under the regulation of the national building legislation, the supporting documentation has to be in line with the national building egislation. One copy of a full set of documents required under the national building laws, including building permit (ehitusluba/būvatļauja) must be submitted to the JS together with the application form (SO 2.3. has specific requirements)

4) Document „Justification of investments“ in the following cases and as described in the point 6.2.2. of the programme manual:
- Cost of a single piece or a set of equipment in one location exceeds 50 000 euros under the budget line “Equipment”,
- Construction costs per object/location exceed 50 000 euros under the budget line “Infrastructure and works”,
- A total cost per object/location under the budget lines “Equipment” and “Infrastructure and works” exceeds 50 000 euros.

All the necessary documents must first be submitted electronically through the eMS.

The deadline for submission of project applications is 13:00, 7 October 2016.

Presentations of the workshop "How to fill out and submit the application?", Tihemetsa, 24 August, 2016 

eMS (3.17 MB)

Compulsory documents to be submitted together with the application (433.36 KB)

Communication and publicity (1.04 MB)

Checks and assessment after submission of application (374.27 KB)

State aid and eMS (844.75 KB)

For signing documents electronically and for opening electronically signed documents there are following ways how you can do that:

- directly via Latvian eParaksts (eSignature) webpage at

- by downloading eParaksts software from

- by downloading Estonian ID-software from

Assessment of project applications

Please refer to the programme manual point for detailed information about the assessment of project applications.

Programme manual (1st call)

When preparing the full project application, please read the programme manual, as this is the main guidance document for the applicants.   

Programme manual 1st call - Updated in August 2016 (767.29 KB)

Programme manual 1st call with track changes - Updated in August 2016 (790.86 KB)

Programmi juhend_versioon 23.02.16 (mitteametlik tõlge) (711.44 KB)

Programmas rokasgrāmata_versija 23.02.16 (neoficiāls tulkojums) (1.09 MB)

Annex 1: State Aid - Updated in August 2016 (423.7 KB)

Annex 1: State Aid with track changes - Updated in August 2016 (426.52 KB)

Annex 2: Revenue guidelines (225.45 KB)

Annex 3: Pre-payment procedure (66.02 KB)

Annex 4: Complaint procedure (109.69 KB)

Annex 5: for SO 1.2.projects (64.95 KB)

Publicity Guidelines

Publicity Guidelines inform you about the use of the programme Logo, requirements for reference to the funding of the programme and eligibility of costs related to the publicity of activities within the project. Costs related to fulfilment of these requirements can be included in the budget of the project. 

Publicity (Logo reference) Guidelines (619.27 KB)


Partnership Agreement and Subsidy Contract

Partnership agreement must be signed by all project partners. After signing the partnership agreement, the managing authority concludes subsidy contract with the lead partner.

The submission of partnership agreement and subsidy contract is described in the programme manual, chapter 6.3.

Partnership agreement template (246.85 KB)

Subsidy contract template (267.99 KB)



During project implementation, partners who plan to use cost-sharing must sign a cost-sharing agreement. Cost-sharing is described in the programme manual, chapter 7.3.

There are three methods for cost-sharing:

Cost-sharing agreement_Method 1 (292 KB)

Cost-sharing agreement_Method 2 (291.5 KB)

Cost-sharing agreement_Method 3 (283 KB)

Overview of application process within the first call for proposals:  

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