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22-11-2016 Being a shadow of cbc colleagues

The team consists of two leading communication officers from Turku and 6 information officers at the Contact points around the Central Baltic Sea Region. This time the team was hosted by the Estonian Contact point and Nino Feštšin and met in Tallinn.

The agenda included training “Getting your message across” by the IDEA AD Creative Lead Nils Kajander on how to master catching presentation, preferably without using bullet points. This for cbc programmes may mean, that it is never reachable goal. In case of “no bullet points” presentation, proper handouts and proper story around the concept of the presentation is needed to be developed. Idea is at least to be considered. Similarly at every meeting of the team, capacity increase activity is always included. This way you never leave behind.

As the year 2017 is approaching steadily and there are 67 projects already in the implementation (1 even has ended already!) within Central Baltic Sea Region programme, the plan how to expose the achievements and results of the projects on national levels and social media is in place and was thouroughly presented to the contact points. Digital communication strategy has been developed by the leading team in Turku in connection to projects exposure and Contact points will have much higher role to be played than before.

As well, plans for the Annual event and European cooperation day 2017 are set. Also this will be a challenge for the next year and preparations are on their way.

By observing the great management structure that is in place in the Central Baltic Sea Region programme, it felt being in a right place for job shadowing. Also the themes are very much of a similar nature with the Estonia-Latvia programme and further possible cooperation ideas came forward. Project managers also may have a chance to job shadow colleagues either in Tartu or Turku and a small joint digital campaign may be considered for the Europe Day at the beginning of May 2017.

Job shadowing is inspiring and allows to mirror your own doings. I wish to the “shadowed” team to keep up good cbc spirit and produce lots of success stories that arise from project results. There can’t be too little good news around the Baltic Sea. 

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