Better neighbors

Documentary "Better Neighbors" 

Four students - two Latvians and two Estonians - are traveling around Latvian and Estonia to find out where Estonians and Latvians understand each other the best, what they can do together, to study and which stereotypes they need to come across. Film takes place near the Latvian - Estonian border and the students take a road that connects both countries. Along this road they meet people who are learning to be better neighbors in order to gain mutual benefits. In this road movie students meet Estonian and Latvian farmers that learn from each other and are ready to grow ecological products for restaurants across the countries; musicians that perform together, playing their own traditional instruments; children and youngsters that are connected by motoring as on the Estonian, so on the Latvian side; and also visit borderland cities Valka and Valga where different generations develop neighborly relations. Film is a co-coproduction between Estonian film studio Allfilm and Latvian - Mistrus Media. Director of the film is Linda Olte, scriptwriter Guntars Daģis, camera operator Jurģis Kmins, assistant director Daiga Livčāne, producers Inese Boka-Grūbe and Elina Litvinova.

The documentary segments online:

The Road Across the Border

We Greet Each Other

Food Art

Estonian and Latvian Robots

Common Sounds

Two Towns - One Art School

The documentary premiered on:

September 19, all day - Võru Conference (in Estonia)

September 21, 18:30 - Latvian National Television (LTV1) in Latvia

October 3, 22:30 - Estonian Public Television (ETV1) in Estonia

October 4, 12:35 - Estonian Public Television (ETV1) in Estonia


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