Artists for Development

Local Artists for Regional Development
Priority and subpriority:
Priority 3. Active, sustainable and integrated communities, 3.2 Promoting grass-root level actions
Start date and expiry date:
2011-09-01 - 2013-01-31

Cēsis Culture and Tourism Centre (LV), Tartu Centre for Creative Industries (EE) and NGO Trīs krāsas (LV) will work together to strengthen the role of artists in the community life. Estonian and Latvian activists of various creative fields will be engaged in cultural exchange, as well as jointly trained to get more actively involved in cooperation with businesses, regional development and solving of various locally important social issues.

During the project, series of trainings will be provided for the artists and creative entrepreneurs in Tartu and Cēsis. These trainings will be led by a number of popular artists, who have obtained relevant experience in Denmark. Also several joint cultural events are planned during the year 2012 - concerts, exhibits and creative workshops in Cēsis and Tartu, which will involve also students from the local art and music schools. The project also aims to compile recommendations for the policy makers to improve the development of creative industries in both towns.

137 075.00 EUR
ERDF contribution:
116 514.00 EUR
Contact person:
Ilona Asare -

Festival in Cesis

Project photos for the book "Estonia–Latvia Stories"

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