Programme 2014-2020

Consultations regarding the new funding opportunities are open!

First 28 Estonian-Latvian cooperation projects were selected by the Monitoring Commettee on 10 and 11 January 2017 in Tartu, Estonia and will be funded by the programme for the total amount of around 15 million euros.

5 projects will support tourism development in Estonia and Latvia, in 9 projects Estonian and Latvian (future) entrepreneurs will meet in various training events and within 8 projects new products will be developed jointly by the Estonian and Latvian SMEs. 2 projects will facilitate cooperation in environmental education of public in relation to organization of greener events and establishing and further developing energy classes. 2 projects will support joint water management initiatives. 1 project will support labor commuting in Valka and Valga municipalities and within the biggest project the common Valga-Valka urban centre will be created. More information about selected projects and full list of projects can be downloaded 

During the second call for proposals two priorities of the programme will be open.

Priority 2 and two of its specific objectives 2.1. for tourism development and 2.2. for awareness raising campaigns and joint water management initiatives.

Priority 4 will be opened for new cooperation ideas to foster labor mobility across the border.

The deadline for submitting ideas under priorities 2 and 4 will be 21 April 2017.

The date of the opening of the call will be announced separately.
Information about the second call.

Priority 1
 and its specific objective 1.2. for development of joint products and services will be opened as a separate call for proposals later in 2017.

Priority 3 will be open soon with a deadline for submitting application on 3 March 2017
to support the creation of a network of small harbours on the western coast of Latvia and around the Gulf of Riga. 

The approximate funding available for specific support areas within upcoming calls is the following:

All essential information about the Estonia-Latvia programme is provided in the programme manual
, where you can find detailed information about programme requirements.

NB! Only the first call manual is available at the moment and it serves as information for the second call.

  • Programme manual 1st call - Updated in August 2016 (766.14 KB)
  • Programme manual 1st call with track changes_Updated in August 2016 (790.86 KB)
  • Annex 1: State Aid_Updated in August 2016 (423.7 KB)
  • Annex 1: State Aid_with track changes_Updated in August 2016 (426.52 KB)
  • Annex 2: Revenue guidelines (225.45 KB)
  • Annex 3: Pre-payment procedure (66.02 KB)
  • Annex 4: Complaint procedure (109.69 KB)
  • Annex 5: for SO 1.2. projects (64.95 KB)

Inspired by quotes from the representatives of implemented projects in the Estonia-Latvia programme, the Joint Secretariat has made a presentation with useful tips and wise thoughts for applicants in the programme 2014-2020. We hope that this information will help you in the phase of the idea development, as well as in the process of project implementation and reporting later on.

Tips and wise thoughts_from projects of the Estonia-Latvia Programme 2007-2013 (1.38 MB)

If you are interested in background information about the programme, please scroll down for the programme document and specific information in relation to specific objectives.

The new programme is thematically much more focused than the previous Estonia-Latvia programme. One of the key elements, which define the thematic focus, is the set of result indicators of the programme. As all the supported projects need to contribute to fulfilment of result indicators, please check the documents below, which explain, how the baseline and target values of result indicators were established.

Education, training, skills’ development and ICT developments are considered as horizontal modes to achieve the objectives of all priority areas.

In March and April 2015 the JS organised launching events of the programme 2014-2020. Please read more at

Estonia-Latvia programme document (approved by the EC on 4.12.2015.) (436.41 KB)

Summary table with indicators and finances (129.84 KB)

Description for setting result indicator baselines and targets for all specific objectives (SOs) (327.59 KB)

SO 1.1,1.2,2.2: survey report (2.13 MB)

SO 2.1: visits to EE and LV cultural and natural heritage sites in 2013 (70 KB)

SO 2.3: survey Valga and Valka as a joint entity (590.96 KB)

SO 3: visits to EE and LV small harbours in 2013 (41.5 KB)

SO 4: labour commuters from EE to LV_map (118.09 KB)

SO 4: labour commuters from LV to EE_map (130.31 KB)

SO 4: labour commuters from EE to LV_data (73.5 KB)

Translation for maps about labour commuters (205.22 KB)

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