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13-01-2017 The programme supports the first 28 Estonian-Latvian cooperation projects

In the priority 1 for supporting cooperation among Estonian and Latvian entrepreneurs
17 projects out of 30 submitted in October 2016 were selected. The total allocated sum for the priority 1 is 5.48 million euros. In 9 of supported projects business support organizations, NGOs and entrepreneurs will cooperate in the fields of space, wood, food, tourism, craftsmanship, creative industries and social entrepreneurship. Supported projects are “B-idea”, EstLat BioBoost”, “COOP local”, DELBI II, “EstLat Accelerate”, “SpaceTEM”, “Wood and furniture”, ESTLAT BUSINESS, “Social&Creative”. All funding that was allocated for the specific objective 1.1 is committed during the first call for proposals with the total sum of 2.7 million euros.
In 8 projects Estonian and Latvian entrepreneurs will develop products jointly in IT, medicine, food industry, geodata solutions, education and radiation measurement technology. Among them also one marketing project for entering new markets with medicines against digestive system diseases was supported. Supported projects are “Baltic Geodata Marketplace”, HADEDE, HIADEX, “How The Shammies learned”, “Organic Candy”, “PET-Diagnostics”, “”, “Whey”. The total allocated sum for these projects is 2.78 million euros.

In the priority 2 for the support of cooperation for better living environment in the programme territory in total 10 cooperation projects are selected with the total allocated sum of around 9.26 million euros.

In tourism projects “Coastal Hiking”, “Green Railway”, “Livonian Culinary Route” and “Industrial Heritage” new joint tourism routes will be developed in Estonia and Latvia. In addition one project will jointly promote the UNESCO heritage sites in Latvia and Estonia in the project “UNESCO tourism”. The sum allocated for tourism projects is 4.75 million euros.

In 4 projects for protection of environment the awareness raising campaigns and joint water management initiatives will be implemented. “Green Public Events” promotes “greener” management of large music festivals in Latvian and Estonia, and project SEC will establish and further develop energy classes in Vidzeme region of Latvia and in South-Estonia. The allocated sum for these two projects is around 660 000 euros. In other two projects GURINIMAS and SAFE SEA water management institutions will work together to reduce the nitrogen load and to improve the response on environmental accidents in the Gulf of Riga. The allocated sum for these projects is around 845 000 euros.

“Valga-Valka Centre” is selected in order to develop the common urban centre for inhabitants of Valga and Valka towns. Total allocated sum for this project is 3 million euros.

In the priority 4 for the support of labor mobility a project “Labour market” will facilitate labor commuting in Valka and Valga municipalities, where the state employment services of both countries together with local municipalities will create new and improve existing services for job seekers and employers. Funding for the project is around 364 000 euros.

Full list of selected 28 projects within the first call for proposals can be viewed here. 


During the second call for proposals two priorities will be open.
Priority 2 and two of its specific objectives 2.1. for tourism development and 2.2. for awareness raising campaigns and joint water management initiatives.
Priority 4 will be opened for new cooperation ideas to foster labor mobility in areas across the border.
The deadline for submitting ideas under priorities 2 and 4 will be 21 April 2017.
The date of the opening of the call will be announced separately.

Priority 1 and its specific objective 1.2. for development of joint products and services will be opened as a separate call for proposals later in 2017.


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